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Making Web Content Accessible to Everyone

Who am I that makes this relevant?

You may be:

Whatever, content accessibility is about ensuring that web content is accessible to everyone who has a web access device, regardless of what device they choose to use, or what abilities or disabilities they may have. In many countries, including Australia, it is a legal requirement that web content is equally accessible to everyone, so you may be legally responsible if you do not play your part in making the web accessible.

There is a strong business case for working on web content accessibility. See a summary introduction or a more detailed description.

Why does this affect me?

Developing web content in an accessible way depends upon all involved being aware of the needs and the relevant processes that achieve accessible content. Users can suffer from lack of access, providers can demand compliance with standards, developers can follow guidelines and adopt successful techniques, organisations can avoid legal liability and social descrimination.

What should I do?

Depending upon your role, you should:

How do I make content accessible?

Correctly playing your part in the process may mean responsibility to:

How do I present content accessibly?

Ensure that accessible content is:

Where to next?

Read about and understand the processes involved in making web content accessible to everyone.

You may be interested in getting a copy of the proceedings of the Web Content Accessibility Conference - OZeWAI 2001 and watching a videod version of the two-days of presentations. Note particularly the one-hour summary presentation that may be of use in your organisation.