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Site Sponsors and other Acknowledgements

This site has been developed with special assistance from a number of sources. In combination, they have made it possible for work to be undertaken in an integrated and supportive environment. Their support is gratefully acknowledged:

Logos of supportive bodies Description of assistance
  IMS Australia, participating in the IMS Web Content Accessibility work towards the Web Content guidelines, was supported by DETYA in providing funds for work from which this site has benefited significantly. IMS Global Project -
  Paul Gruba - what a hero!
  University of Melbourne, small grants for work on the accessibility of web content in the Science Faculty and for further work on the website.
  Andrew Donald and Motile Pty Ltd who host this site. MELB-WAG
  University of Melbourne, Department of Information Systems, provided a grant to work on WebCT's accessibility, accommodation and a friendly environment in which to work. All were essential and appreciated.
  Jonathan O'Donnell for his summary of the accessibility issue.
  Particular thanks to John Gardner and others for their help with the difficult topics of haptic representations, mathematics, science etc.
  Very special thanks to Charles McCathieNevile for his encouragement, sharp critique, friendship and, of course, his expert advice..





Last updated: 8 March 2002