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Resources that are used to show programming, such as text with examples and coding, can have the structure clarified for the user by marking it with programming tags.

Code is marked with the tags <code> ... </code>:

<code> Rusty, Sit! </code> appears as

Rusty, Sit!

and output with the tags <samp> ... </samp>

<samp> Rusty sits </samp> appears as

Rusty sits

Variables are marked with <var> ... </var> tags.

<var> {a dog} </var> appears as

{a dog}


required or expected keyboard entries with <kbd> ... </kbd>

<kbd> write your name here </kbd> appears as write your name here

User agents generally have default settings for these tags but styles can be used to have them rendered at the authors choice. this can, of course, then be overridden by users or user agents with special needs.

Last updated: 8 March 2002