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Navigation and menus

This page is incomplete...

Controlled menus

Menus (or other objects) can be 'pinned' to particular parts of the window. That is, they will stay where they are despite the scrolling of the rest of the page within the window. Bert Bos's code and explanations are very helpful in constructing such menus. See

Avoiding menus/navbars

If you have to have a long menu bar and the tiems are repeated, say on every page, offer a 'skip navbar' in hidden text at the beginning of the navigation bar.

Pop-up windows

use a „Close‰ function as the first link in the new window

and think about scrolling menus ....roll-overs etc ....

use a 'skip navbar' if it is a problem - but in hidden text ...

Last updated: 8 March 2002