1.This document has been issued by the Joint Council for General Qualifications and sets

out the Regulations and Guidance agreed jointly by the awarding bodies for GNVQ

courses starting from September 2000 onwards ,GCE,VCE and GCSE qualifications.

This document replaces the Regulations and Guidance documents issued by the Joint

Council for General Qualifications effective for 2000 examinations.The Regulations

apply to 2000/2001 and supersede earlier Regulations.Changes to the document content

are indicated by a vertical line in the margin.

2.The awarding bodies recognise hat there are some candidates who have coped with the

learning demands of a course but for whom the standard arrangements for the

assessment of their attainment may present a barrier.This applies both in the case of

candidates with known and long-standing learning problems and candidates who are

affected at or near the time of assessment.Such barriers may arise as a result of:

2.1 a permanent or long-term disability or learning difficulty;

2.2 a temporary disability,illness or indisposition;

2.3 English being a second or additional language;

2.4 the immediate circumstances of the assessment.

3.Special arrangements are approved before an examination or assessment and are

intended to allow attainment to be demonstrated.They can be provided in respect of 2.1,

2.2 and 2.3 above.

4.Special consideration is given following an examination or assessment to ensure that a

candidate who has a temporary illness,injury or indisposition at the time it is conducted

is given some compensation for those difficulties and the circumstances.It is available in

respect of 2.2 and 2.4 above.

5.The provision for special arrangements and special consideration is made so that

candidates are able to receive recognition of their attainment so long as valid and reliable

examinations or assessments can be provided.Such provision is not intended to alter the

assessment demands of the qualifications.It is the responsibility of the Head of the

centre,e.g.Head/Principal,entering a candidate to ensure that any request on behalf of a

candidate is based on firm evidence of a barrier to assessment of attainment.

6.Summary of Principles for Awarding Bodies

Awarding bodies seek to:

• approve valid special/alternative arrangements for access to examination and


• give special consideration to the performance in assessment where specific

circumstances have arisen at or near to the time of assessment that were not provided

for by prior special arrangements;